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09 July 2013 @ 01:35 pm
[PUBLIC] Week One: Japan Trip & Pictures 2013 → 1/4  

DAY 01, JUNE 15/16 2013→Narita Tokyo Airport

Most of the 15th was an anxiety attack. We headed to the airport at about 2:30pm. There was heavy traffic to JFK airport & we arrived at about 4:15, where I kinda didn't want to leave my parents haha. When we went into the airport, we were told our seats weren't together & I bursted into tears (I'm afraid of planes, so that kinda set me off). The airline switched the seats so I wouldn't panic, & apparently alerted the flight attendants about it, since they kept coming over to me asking if I was alright. The plane was delayed, apparently due to a passenger not following safety rules, which caused them to turn back to the terminal & distressed me even more, but once the plane was in the air, I was okay. For once, on a plane, I slept for 3 1/2 hours & listened to Gackt (thank god they had a USB port to keep my iPod charged) which made me happy. We landed at around 10pm in Japan & didn't get to the hotel until 1am, since we got lost trying to find it in the dark.

DAY 02, JUNE 17 2013→Odaiba
We thought we would be sleeping in, but for some reason we were up at 5:40am. After showering & rearranging luggage, we left for Odaiba. We rode on an automatic train (which I thought was pretty cool) after being smushed into the subway, passing the Rainbow Bridge. We walked over to Palette Town (which brought back nice memories of Gackt at Zepp Tokyo) & went to Venus Fort after getting some Starbucks. There I bought my mom a caricature of Kiba by such an adorable artist. After getting some burgers, we walked over to Decks Tokyo -- expensive shopping day. In an arcade there, I won a big Hello Kitty pillow for Jean from a claw machine!

There was a pet shop, so I couldn't resist. I wanted to take that little black puppy home with me.

Venus Fort

This is the Hello Kitty plushie I won from the claw machine-- on my first try woo!

Cheeseburger from Lotteria yummm

This is the caricature of Kiba I got for my mom-- isn't it precious? She loves it & hung it in the kitchen, my sister was upset because she wanted it hung in her room & was planning to take it haha.

There was a Capcom store in one of the malls & all our nerd just came out haha. I needed some RE6 merc, especially that B.S.A.A. pin! which I dropped in the toilet & Jean fished out for me orz That store didn't have enough Piers.

Anyone notice our super American shirts haha-- we were like a walking McDonald's.

DAY 03, JUNE 18 2013→GACKT Concert
I'm going to write concert details for all three shows in a separate post & just will write what happened this day aside from that. The concert was wonderful, but before & after it, not so much. At 1am that morning, I woke up feeling sick with a stomach ache & a hot bath didn't even help. I didn't fall back asleep, but I started feeling better before heading out to Tochigi for the show. We got lost for a bit & arrived at the concert hall at 9:30am. There was literally nothing to do at all in the area, so we pretty much did nothing until the show started at 6:30pm, aside from getting the goods (we actually thought the goods line was the bathroom line since it was around the corner from it. Good thing we unknowingly got on it haha).

After the great concert, however, it really sucked. I was exhausted from waking up early & then the show & on the way back, we found out the trains closed at 11pm, the show ended at 10pm & our hotel was in Tokyo, which was quite a distance. There was no bus & a taxi wouldn't take us, so we ended up staying at a hotel until the first running train at 5:30am the next day.

DAY 04, JUNE 19 2013→Osaka
We woke up early the next morning to catch the first train to Tokyo. Once we got to the hotel we showered & checked out to catch the shinkansen to Osaka. Transporting the luggage was a huge pain in the ass, but once we got to Osaka, everything got better. We picked up the Gackt tickets that were sent to the hotel & found out our hotel room was upgraded. The room was a small apartment-- big kitchen space, a table, 2 bedrooms with 2 big beds & a divided toilet/shower room. Because it was raining, we only went to HEP Five. As we were walking around, a girl working in one of the stores stopped us to ask us questions. She spoke very good English & seemed really excited to meet people from New York who loved Japan & Osaka more than Tokyo haha (she never been to Tokyo but I guess she assumed most tourists liked it more than Osaka). She asked why we came to Japan & said we loved it before & came back & because of Gackt. She was surprised we knew of him (she said her mom was a big fan of his haha) & started asking us about him, his concert & his English, since she didn't know him that well. After that, we went up to Joypolis & I won three stuffed animals from claw machines. This time a worker came over & moved an item to help me win it haha.

Our great hotel room for the week.

Berry lattes were delicious~

Chocolate & banana parfait.

Joypolis Arcade (I really wanted a big ass alpaca but I didn't win it :c)

HEP Five ferris wheel from the inside while it was raining. I didn't like riding it on a clear day, no way in hell I was going to in the rain!

Food displays

DAY 05, JUNE 20 2013→Osaka
It was another rainy day. We took some pictures at Osaka Castle before heading out to Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium. The aquarium was really big & I was excited to see the main attraction, the whale shark. It was a little crowded for my liking, though. I was amazed by the different kinds of jellyfish they had & I got to pet a sand shark! I loved that. After that, we headed to Universal Japan's Citywalk. The first thing we did was eat before shopping around, then more eating for dessert haha.

Beginning of the Osaka Castle pic spam. I just find this castle so beautiful *3*

Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium.

It was feeding time for the otters & was so crowded, barely managed to take a pic of it.

This is an otter-- not a very good shot of one, but a cool shot haha.

Whale sharks are beautiful. I wish I was able to get better shots of them.

I love this turtle, so beautiful

I've never been so fascinated by jellyfish, so many kinds!

Baked omurice.

I had omurice with chicken teriyaki & spinach & it was to die for. So delicious :Q__

Universal Japan Citywalk in the rain.

Jean's favorite store in Japan.

Yummy pancakes~

That's a cd holder haha.

DAY 07, JUNE 21 2013→GACKT Concert
Gonna write the concert in a separate post with the other two concerts. This one was in Nagoya & had a garden nearby we went to while we were waiting. It was still a long wait, but at least there was something to do & we made the train back to Osaka, thank god! I don't really understand cosplays at concerts, but this show had some really impressive ones. There was a stunning MILD Gackt cosplay. As much as I wanted a picture, I didn't want to ask, I felt a little weird doing so xD There was also a Chacha cosplayer who looked just like him that kept smiling over at Jean LOL (we were debating if it was a boy or a girl.. when he walked out of the men's bathroom, Jean was like 'knew it!' haha).

I forgot the name of the garden oop.

I was very happy with our seats. It was dead center on the first balcony, but it was a perfect view of the whole stage. It would have been nice to been closer, but if I was on the floor, I probably would not be able to see due to being short xD Amazing night.

: lazylazy
G.netmoyashi_fukadai on July 9th, 2013 08:29 pm (UTC)
while reading this, I felt like I were there *w*
my will to go there is growing stronger and stronger *w*

I wish I'll be able to go next year, not only to get to see G, but also to walk around a bit and enjoy life while I can hehehehe :D

what was the name of the hotel (the 2nd one)? :) *gathers info*

p.s. love the new layout :O

Edited at 2013-07-09 08:30 pm (UTC)
QUEEN OF → GACKT♥BOOBIESomg_its_gackt on July 10th, 2013 08:03 pm (UTC)
Wahh I'm glad you felt that way c:
I really hope you get the chance to go one day! It's an amazing experience, & not just for Gackt he's a separate crazy experience haha

This is the place: http://www.expedia.com/Osaka-Hotels-Hotel-MyStays-Otemae.h1580270.Hotel-Information

We loved our hotel, second time staying there! The staff knows English & is really helpful if looking for directions, & it's only about a fifteen minute walk to Osaka Castle from there. Highly recommended!

Aw thank you! :) I was thinking about changing the header pic to a newer M/W pic, but idk now haha
G.netmoyashi_fukadai on July 11th, 2013 07:11 am (UTC)
thank you :D

and thanks for the hotel! since I'm not good at Japanese, it'll come very handy :D

hmmm... *can't wait to see it* hehehe
Marielittleflapper on July 10th, 2013 11:41 am (UTC)
Looks like fun :D we went to Odaiba one day as well but I didnt like the pet shop because the poor animals looked very stressed :( but for therest it was awesome place, we went to joypolis and rode indoor rollercoaster. We wanted to do more attractions in Tokyo, even the thunder dolphin in Tokyo dome area but it was closed due strong wind
QUEEN OF → GACKT♥BOOBIESomg_its_gackt on July 10th, 2013 08:06 pm (UTC)
It was! Aw, really? :c When I went the puppies looked very happy & playful & they were being groomed. It was really nice compared to how the puppies look here in the states, which is kinda heartbreaking :c

Ah we didn't do that because I'm no fun xD We didn't do any rides or anything in Tokyo. We only had like I think 4 or 5 days in total in Tokyo

P.S. That's a lovely picture of you in your icon!
Marielittleflapper on July 13th, 2013 12:19 pm (UTC)
Yeah that day puppies looked very restless... But I hope it was just that day.
And thank you <3
aream488aream488 on July 10th, 2013 06:03 pm (UTC)
This looks like it was a ton of fun!!!! Nice-looking hotel room too! Was it difficult to get around w/o much knowledge of Japanese, or was it pretty straightforward?
omg the castle in Osaka would have been my favorite @___@ so very beautiful!

The caricature of Kiba~~~! *squealing* that is too adorable! I'm glad you had fun! I look forward to your report on G's shows too ^^
QUEEN OF → GACKT♥BOOBIESomg_its_gackt on July 10th, 2013 08:11 pm (UTC)
It was lots of fun :P
It was difficult at times. The bright side is, people will definitely help you if you ask for it, even if they don't understand English that well. In Osaka, if you look like you need help, people will come up to you instead of you going to them, whereas in Tokyo, you didn't get that, but they would still help you if you asked. Plus, all trains & pretty much any attraction or street sign will have it in both English & Japanese. Always have maps on you though, since not all maps are in English xD;

Osaka Castle is gorgeous, my favorite. Plus the park around it & little shops, & you could be around it at night. I just love the atmosphere there.

Haha I was worried my mom wouldn't like it, but it's definitely Kiba's face. So glad she loved it.
Thank you c: I will try my best with the reports, my brain was such a jumble those nights xD