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21 June 2010 @ 12:52 pm

GACKT Concert Report 6.13.10 Zepp Tokyo
by Krysi

If you think it is impossible to fall in love over & over & over again, you're clearly wrong. The more I listen to Gackt's voice, the more I love him. So you can only imagine how hard I fell being so close to my inspiration, a man I truly adore.

& I'm not just saying that because he had no shirt.

The day for akiraakito, shinimegami21 & I started off really early-- like 4:30am early. We wanted to get to the venue early & that's what we did. We got there at 7am & the place was dead, we were the only people there. So if you're wondering what Zepp Tokyo looked like not packed, it looks like this.

The goods were obviously nowhere near set up yet & didn't know what time they would be, so we sat ourselves down & started playing with Tasheen's Gackt cards. 'Bullshit' gets irritating after playing it for hours, if you didn't know that, especially when you're getting stalked by Jack!Yous. As you may have guessed, being the first people there, we were the first people on line for the goods. The line opened at 1:30pm, so we were waiting there for quite a while, but it's worth it being the first ones on line because that's less people we had to squeeze though-- since everyone else was on the line (ha). This poor woman that had to take care of my goods. I did feel pretty bad for her, even though she laughed when I told her I needed 52 bags of damn chips. I mean, the poor girl started packing them in a huge cardboard box & had asked her for bags instead, so she managed to fit 52 chips within.. 6 bags maybe?

Once we got all our items, we had quite some time to kill. The concert didn't start until 6pm, & here we were, with 52 bags of chips. So we did what seemed to make sense & started eating the chips. If you're wondering, yes, the chips are damn good, & so are the positions. Hysterically good. After killing off some chips, we hung around talking, joking around, laughing. All that fun shit.

The not fun shit is standing there waiting for the concert. It was hot. Very hot even before the concert started. Everyone was so damn close together, it was very hard to move, & I'm sure hard to breathe for others. At first, my spot was terrible. I'm short, & there were tall people in front of me. If I didn't see Gackt, someone's head was gonna be rolling. By the time the concert started, since everyone was pushing, I was able to get closer. Here is a masterpiece drawing of where I was.


I wasn't all the way in the front, but I was extremely close. I ended up right against the second barrier, in between Gackt & Chacha. I was actually pretty much right in front of Chacha, so I had a perfect diagonal view of Gackt's boobs.

Now I don't remember every little detail, but I will try my best to write what I do remember. Everyone probably knows this already, but the set list:

ZAN, Dybbuk, Nine Spiral, Speed Master, Lu:na, Kimi ga Matteiru Kara, Mind Forest, Ever, Justified, Jesus, Flower, Kagerou, Uncontrol -REMIX-.

Once Gackt came out, the mosh pit was a mad house, everyone was jumping around, yelling, & pretty much beating the crap out of everyone while they waved their arms around.

Unfortunate for me, I saw nothing of ZAN. At that point, I wasn't at the barrier yet, so I wasn't in my perfect spot. From what I was told, he was swinging around a katana once he came out, because as we all know, it's okay to trust Gackt with sharp objects.

After Gackt managed to not kill anyone, Dybuuk was next & somewhere within that song was the point I got into my perfect spot. There was SO MUCH touching in that song. I guess he figured, since it wasn't a men's only, it was okay & not weird to touch himself. Well it was a good move for him to do it that night, cause it was ballistic. That little teasing of sliding his hand really down & his shirt being pulled up was enough to get the crowd riled up. & then that moment was ruined when he headbanged, & we all wished it would come back. I can't remember much from Nine Spiral & Speed Master besides the fact that there was a lot of shaking & headbanging. His voice, though. Stunning. Sounded perfect, & this was a guy who was on an IV drip 2 days before. & at some point around here, he sprayed water on the crowd & got it on me-- good thing my body protected Jean from Gackt's water.

Now everyone knows what Lu:na means-- losing a shirt. You could almost feel the damn anticipation in the room. I think everyone was pretty much waiting for the instrumental, & he couldn't strip a tie off fast enough. The crowd when he ripped his shirt off, I don't think I even have to describe. All you needed to know was that he had no shirt, and his body was glistening with sweat. & me, I was close enough to see the damn sweat drip down. Also, if you haven't figured this out yet, Gackt really loves the word 'FUCK'. I think it's actually his favorite word ever to exist.

The crowd started to come down from their naked Gackt high when Kimi Ga Matteiru Kara started. I have to admit, sometime during this song, I started to tear up. This was actually the first Gackt song I ever had, so it has a special place in my heart. Being there, watching him perform the first song of his I ever listened to so beautifully & powerfully really hit me into reality that I was there, I was with him. The performance took my breath away.

Mind Forest I really don't remember much either. I was listening to him, & he sounded amazing, as usual. I know he was headbanging too. It actually isn't one of my favorite songs of his, so I think what happened was I was staring at his chest through that whole song. Can you blame me? It's right there. Right. There. & the sweat was glistening down his stomach & I was kind of lost in my own little world. Sorry.

Ever. EVER.. When this song began, I was very confused. & not because I didn't know the song. It was because of this:

What was that I don't even. Jean & I literally burst out into laughter, & not just when he first did it, he did it several times. The jazz hands spirit fingers thing is usually a no no, but when you're Gackt & you look that damn good & got amazing manbreasts that dance around, it is awesome & heavenly. The song is really fun, by the way. But it's even more fun watching his chest.
Justified was also really fun, especially watching Gackt move his hands & body around like he's some kind of rapper or something. When his voice got high, he disappeared behind Jun-ji. Now, when Gackt came down from near the drums, Jun-ji had no shirt. So Gackt ripped his shirt off. This song is planted in my mind as 'Where Did Jun-ji's Shirt Go?'. Very nice, Gackt.

I love Jesus, always have, so I was super excited to see it live. He puts so much energy into that performance, especially during the chorus. Flower, my favorite song, started out beautifully. He started singing without the rest of JOB playing, so all you could hear is his beautiful powerful voice, & then the band joined in after the first verse. This song, for me, was so powerful & I was so mesmerized by him. Kagerou was really mesmerizing as well, because it was another one of those more powerful, slower songs rather than the rock out head banging one. Hearing his voice for this song in person, rather than on dvd or computer, sends a chill up the spine-- he sounds that beautiful & perfect.

Last but not least, Uncontrol -REMIX-. The crowd came back alive & the mosh pit was insane. People were bouncing around, throwing limbs. But even so, it is fucking fun being there. Uncontrol is one of my favorite Gackt songs of all time, & thought I'm not as fond of the remix as I am of the original, it's a blast being there & the adrenalin starts pumping again. He came out with his smoke thingy, which I didn't actually get caught in-- I don't really like it that much because it covers up Gackt's beauty.

As for JOB, I didn't really get to see much of them, unfortunately. Since I was on Chacha's side of the stage, I, of course, saw a lot of him. I'm kind of envious of him because he has so much energy & he's not exactly the youngest of people. I mean hell, I'm 20 & I don't even got as much energy as he does. I'm also jealous of his hair, because it's really pretty. Gackt's too, because his defies gravity & goes perfectly back into place even after all the headbanging. Jun-ji was a bit far back. I pretty much saw his hair over the drumset, & when the concert was over, he didn't come to our side, which is sadcakes because I love Jun-ji. I barely got to see any of You & Chirolyn, but they did come over to my side a couple of times. I don't know what was wrong with You's hair that night, but it was all over the friggin' place. It suited him though, & he looked adorable & happy-- which kind of made me sad because I adore You to death & I BARELY SAW HIM. Not much of Chirolyn either, but I did see him a lot towards the end of the show. All the other members left the stage before him, & he was on our side throwing out guitar picks I think, doing his little comedy thing. He's growing on me really fast, I love his humor.

The concert was amazing & exhausting. Even though it was hot, stuffy, crowded & the Japanese audience is just as insane as the American audiences, I would do that all over again. I would stand there hours upon hours just to see Gackt again. But you know what, it's actually nice seeing how many fans adore him, that REALLY adore him. So many people drift away from him for silly reasons, or just like him for his looks, but here, there was so many people that truly admire & appreciate the hard work he puts into his performances. Hey, they're missing out, Gackt.

Everyone who will be attending a YFC show, I promise, you will have a blast & be blown away.

I wish Gackt knew how much this concert meant to me. He's outstanding, so inspirational, has such amazing talent. I would do anything to see this man on stage again. This is definitely a memory I will never, ever forget, that day that meant so much. Thank you, Gackt. Work hard, but stay safe & healthy & please take care of yourself. Best of luck on the rest of the tour, both Japan & Europe. But please, come to America. I promise, I will see you again, & I'll be right there in front of you.

Thanks for reading ♥
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QUEEN OF → GACKT♥BOOBIESomg_its_gackt on June 22nd, 2010 04:29 pm (UTC)
Aw I'm sorry :(
I'm glad you took the time to read though, so thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed :) Whenever something comes to mind, feel free to ask :)